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Creating digital interactive experiences to entertain, inspire, and connect.
Based in Sydney, Australia.


Cameron Baker is a Sydney based game creator with experience in games, apps, educational games, installation pieces, and augmented and virtual reality experiences.

After qualifying for a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment at SAE QANTM Institute, majoring in games programming, I have worked in various positions around Sydney, including design and programming roles.

After being introduced to games by my parents, I grew up playing Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games on their Pentium 386. These games have influenced my work greatly by leaving a strong desire to create beautiful narrative experiences that connect with and influence their audience. I later found inspiration in works such as The Last Express, Myst, Dear Esther, Gone Home and Broken Age.
I began creating games by developing narrative, choose your own adventure games in year 7 after learning BASIC. This later moved into creating levels with the Unreal Editor as well as level editors for Age of Empires and Command and Conquer. These publicly available editors were integral to forming my desire to create games professionally.

I now create experiences in Unity, HTML5 and Unreal with the aim to connect with the audience and create an impact; whether they are entertaining, emotional, educational or introspective.

Games have the ability to change the way we see and think; they give us incredible feelings and experiences. Let's make something awesome.


Absention (Alpha Development), Independent, 2015

#Notifications, Independent, 2015

RAC Little Legends Club (3 games), 2and2, 2015

Curtin Campus Quest, 2and2, 2015

Koala Academy (yet unreleased), 2and2, 2015

Skillset Powerplay, 2and2, 2014

Half-Life Hero, 2and2, 2014

Pure Rush, 2and2, 2014

ABC Zoom, 2and2, 2013

Hungry Trunks (unreleased), Independent, 2013

Renault R.S. Challenge, Independent, 2012

Operation Om Nom, Independent, 2012

Power Pup, Explore Engage, 2012

Storm Surfers, Explore Engage, 2012

Ashes To Ashes, Independent, 2012

Toronga Zoo Augmented Reality Installation, Explore Engage, 2011

Contact Information

+61 404 043 359